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A Magic Elixir...indeed!

This magic elixir is saving my dry, aging skin. I use it morning and night. Not only does is smooth and hydrate, it smells like a spa in a bottle! Can't do without it:)

Blue Tansy Facial Cream - 2 oz
Jill Jennings-Bagley
Blue Tansy

I love the smell and consistency of the Blue Tansy. I wear it both day and evening, so under my make-up. It is smooth but a thicker consistency which I like especially at night. It's perfect for my skin. Thanks Diane! You're the very best.

great produdt

i've used this product for years and it helps keep my skin clean.

Gentle exfoliant

This gentle exfoliant leaves my skin feel clean, refreshed and smooth. After I rinse it off, I apply one of Diane's facial oils--a simply wonderful treatment!

Repeat buyer

I love this mild and milky cleansing cream. It moisturizing unlike other cleansers that strip the skin, especially in winter. I buy two at a time so I’m never out of it.

Dr. B.

I am in my seventh decade and have been using Diane's products for years. I like to keep things simple and being respectful of my wishes, Diane has created an easy skin care routine for me. The compliments I continue to receive on my skin are a testament to the quality of Diane's products. One of my current favorites is the Vitamin C serum which I use every morning.

Velvet is a skin-smoothing dream!

Diane's Velvet exfoliant smells great, works great, and is a treat!

A refreshing lift anytime

I use this toner when I need a little hydration boost, which is pretty often. The scent is yummy. Texture and scent are things I like about all of Diane's products. You can tell a lot of thought went into each and every one of them.

The. Best. Exfoliant. Ever.

I love this stuff so much. I'm on my third jar. I love everything about it: the way it feels to use, the scent, the texture, how gentle yet effective it is, how my face feels afterward - smooth and soft - yes, velvety.

Like a comforter for your face

This cream gives serious moisture to my dehydrated skin. It has a lovely luxurious quality. It feels good and it does good. It's a "use to the last drop" product.

Smells Great

This was a gift, but the recipient thanked me and said it smelled great!

Renew Eye Cream - 1 oz
Jo-Ann Obergfell
An extra boost for the eyes

Who doesn't need a little extra help around the eyes...keeps the lines at bay.

Bloom Serum - 1 oz.
Jo-Ann Obergfell
Great addition to daily moisturizer

I use this after washing and before moisturizing. The combo locks in moisture for the day.

Renews skin

Besides smelling great, this product refreshes my skin, removing the top layer of dead skin. I just need a reminder to use it more often, always a great result!

Go-to cleanser

I've been using this cleanser forever, it's the best. It cleans, lightly exfoliates and never dries my skin.

Great for mature skin

I find I need more hydration than I used to and this has helped keep my skin hydrated and this product!!

Grapefruit and willow bark toner

So refreshing on these sweltering days, I use it to cool down and re-energize!

A great brightening product!

This serum is helping to fade some very stubborn red spots and pigmentation on my chest without any stinging or burning. I use it every day and apply a moisturizer and/or sunscreen over it.

Effective but gentle

I have sensitive skin and I resist the use of harsh exfoliants. This does the job beautifully without stinging or burning. Leaves skin super smooth.

Fragrant, luxurious and soothing!

This cleansing balm will make you look forward to cleansing your face! It's a spa in a jar.

Only toner I'll ever use

Calming, delightfully scented toner perfectly suited to my somewhat sensitive skin. Love it!

Love the Hydrating Facial Spritz

This spritz is very hydrating. It comes out in a super fine mist, is cool and refreshing, and calms my skin. I was introduced to it years ago and won't be without it. Thanks, Diane.

love it!

i have used this cleansing milk for at least ten years, and i couldn't do without it. it's gentle and thorough and smells delicious to boot.


Everyday is a spa day when I use this amazing cleansing balm. It truly is a treat each time ! Leaves my skin so revitalized , soft and feeling like I just left the spa .. couldn’t live without it!

Glow Serum - 1 oz.
Miriam Kulick
My New Go To Product

I bought this from Diane a few months ago and I continue to buy more & more. You don't need a lot to go a long way. A great first layer treatment before I apply my moisturizer. Mybnew go to.