"I started seeing her nine years ago, and she changed my skin and my life. I think I’ve gotten 15 of my friends to see her, too. I call her the skin whisperer..."

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New York Weddings Magazine - Winter 2015

"Diane Higgins Skin Care recognized and highlighted in the current issue of New York Weddings magazine as an A list Spa to visit when preparing for your special day."


January 2014 ALLURE Magazine's `Facial Attraction` by Daphne Merkin

"Some of my happiest moments in recent years have been spent in the hands of a woman called Diane Higgins. I noticed some of Higgins's products - they looked appealingly unadorned and down-to-earth - among my friend's dazzling array of bottle and jars one summer at her beach house and, bolstered by her hung-ho recommendation, I determined to make an appointment.

Higgins's facials last about an hour and a half and are a mixture of hands-on and high-tech. She is forever coming up with new homegrown formulas and refining older recipes, forever the assiduous researcher. There is a little bit of the flower child about her - she is a big fan of ingredients from plants, such as kojic acid, found in mushroom extract, and arbutin, which is derived from various berry plants - but there is nothing remotely loopy about her approach. She believes in being aggressive without traumatizing the skin, and extractions are her forte." "What a successful facial ultimately comes down to is a good fit, a feeling that somebody is providing you with something that you might even not know you were looking for. Recently I gave a close friend a Diane Higgins facial for her birthday. I felt like I was passing on a part of my life that I wouldn't share with just anyone. In my enduring quest for mother substitutes, one that still preoccupies me despite the fact that I have a grown-up daughter of my own (who, I might add, is immune to the siren call of facials), an attentive facialist is as close as I've come to finding, however briefly, an ideal mother. For that hour or two, I feel like I'm the sole and valued object of someone's beneficent gaze. The condition of my skin is the ostensible reason I plunk down money and time, but the condition of my psyche is essential, too. If feels lighter and more nourished after a visit to the right facialist. It's nothing you can see, so you'll have to trust me on this one."


September ELLE Magazine's "Confessions of a Beauty Junkie, What Really Works and What Doesn't" by Elizabeth Hayt

"Higgins, my trustworthy facialist for more than 20 years... brews her own modest line of organic skin care products. With Higgins' Quench Elixir, often after first cleansing with her buttery balm and misting with her hydrating spray, my skin appeared clearer and healthier... I spied the inkling of a glow.

Diane's unique blend of holistic and high technology treatments have been recognized in many publications including Allure, Vogue, The New York Times and DailyCandy.Com."


Vogue "Go for the Glow"

"For those who can't spare a moment's downtime, yet crave a rejuvenating insta-glow, New York Facialist Diane Higgins recommends at-home exfoliation with potent treatments containing an alpha-retinyl complex."


Allure Magazine

The Ultimate Guide to the Best. "Higgins' 90 minute facials are thorough as well as relaxing, complete with essential oils..." 'People are amazed they don't leave all red and bumpy,' says Higgins, who's been building her clientele of artists, models, and socialites for over 20 years."


Victoria Magazine

"New York City esthetician Diane Higgins is concerned with ingredients to the point that she makes some of the products she uses on her clients. Her Lavender Facial cleanser maintains skin's equilibrium and soothes irritations."


Face Time

Face it. Summer's over.
As Seen On Daily Candy New York

You did your damage. (And man, was it fun!) You maxxed out the Visa. Mistakenly plowed the geraniums in neighbor's driveway. (Thankfully, it was not Martha Stewart's.) Ruined three relationships over who got what weekend in the share house. (But look how tan you are now!)

But what did you do to that face of yours? Didn't anyone ever tell you to use sunblock? Time to make amends. Time to gear up for fall's oh-so-heavy social calendar. Time to make that precious no-longer-tan mug of yours presentable. Scoop is that Diane Higgins is the town's best kept secret. Don't be put off by the timewarp interior, which hasn't been renovated since the forties. We dig it. Her Phyto-Oxygen Facial saves a complexion marred by a summer of romping in the sea (oh! You got your hair wet! Good for you!) Her masks are delish spiked with geranium, lavender, and rosemary. Her September special includes an hour-and-fifteen-minute facial, shoulder massage, and a personalized moisturizer. Tab total: $88. Make an appointment before prices go up in October. Who knows what trouble you'll have caused by then.


Nassau - Luxury Living Spring/Summer 2014 - Special Sections

Take a glimpse of the genesis of my skincare line. Written by the editor and dear friend of Luxury Living, a beautiful, glossy, Long Island Magazine.

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PureWow loves my Grapefruit Polish for exfoliation...

"It’s a common beauty myth that you need 20 products to get a squeaky-clean face, but when it comes to cleansing, less is more..."


New York Times Sunday Styles

"Tend Skin is the only thing I've ever found that works for the bikini line," said Diane Higgins, who sells it in her salon at 1166 Lexington Avenue (at 80th Street).


Spring 2014 Newsday Body & Soul

Article: 'It's Never Too Late To Rejuvenate - Skin Care Refreshers from the Experts' by Marie Wolf. Featuring professional advice from Diane Higgins 'The Honey Pat Facial: An At Home Pick-Me-Up'

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Spa Magazine

"What make's this place so special is it's proprietor, Diane Higgins, who brings 15 years of experience as an esthetician to each client with quiet, non-judging grace."