Skin Types


Normal skin has a moderate amount of oil production, pores are visible but not large, and skin is soft but still requires proper care. Cleansers should not be harsh, toners should not include alcohol, and serums are wonderful for their anti-aging benefits. Moisturizers are key for keeping the skin soft and peels are important in keeping the skin glowing.


Dry / Aging / Sensitive

Dry skin is characterized as having under-active oil production, pore size is small and the eye area is especially sensitive to fine lines. Dry skin can have a dull appearance, feel dry and itchy, or be sensitive. The skin is tight and shows signs of aging early on. Cleansing should be done with gentle products, never a highly foaming cleanser. Hydration through Facial Sprays & Serums are very helpful as is moisturizing with a rich cream. Layering sprays and serums with moisturizers locks in hydration at the cellular level. Weekly peels are helpful in minimizing signs of aging and exfoliation of dull skin cells, allowing for a brighter complexion.


Oily / Acne

Over active oil glands will cause the skin to be what we consider "oily". The complexion can appear shiny and the pores can be visible. Oily skin is generally inherited. All is not lost if one has oily skin as you can control and minimize oil with the right products. Acne is caused when the skin cells lining the pores shed at a high rate and the oil glands are also over active. Acne is a complex condition and Diane is trained to diagnos and treat many types of acne.

  • Cleaners can include oil busting salicylic as well as AHA's.
  • Toners can include low percentages of alcohol, salicylic, azelaic, and soothing herbal ingredients.
  • Oily skin needs hydration but not a heavy cream. Hydrating Serums and light facial oils work well to comfort and hydrate the skin.
  • Gentle exfoliation is recommended.
  • Peels are also very important to rid the skin of dull cellular build up and clogging.



Combination skin is the most common skin type. Generally oil production is greater in the "T-Zone" (the forehead, nose, and chin) but not always.One can have dehydrated skin, lacking hydration, and still produce a lot of oil resulting in dull skin with dead skin build up and sebum clogged pores.  Use products similar to those recommended for normal skin types, use AHA's in your cleansers a few times a week, make sure to use a toner daily on the areas you may break out.  Exfoliation is helpful for congestion and dullness. Hydrating and light moisturizers and eye cremes are key in keeping dryer areas looking young. Choose the right serums and moisturizers and you will hit the right balance of clean and soft skin.