All treatments are performed by Diane Higgins alone. In her confident, healing hands you'll experience transformative facial treatments and her undivided attention. From her deep cleansing facials to her anti aging peels Diane works to bring your skin to a higher level of beauty. Diane is also an acne specialist. This is no ordinary spa, but a skin care practice dedicated to your needs.

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dhDiane Higgins Classic Cleansing Facial - 75 Minutes $160

Diane has been singled out for her expertise in deep cleaning the pores without irritation. This gentle, yet incredibly thorough session includes exfoliation of the epidermis, extensive cleansing of pores and nourishment of emerging skin cells. An amazing face and shoulder massage completes the ultimate pampering experience. Recommended for all skin types, it will help remedy aging, sun damage, skin congestion and dullness. You'll see luminous, clear, smooth skin.

Optional Extras

Acid Peels - Additional $35
Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic, Or Hyperpigmentation Peel. These peels work to correct: Acne, Rough Texture, Wrinkles, Brown Spots.

Pulsed LED (Light Emitting Diodes) - Additional $40
Revolutionary technology of red, infrared, and blue light therapy. For plump, firm, smooth skin. Boosts collagen production, minimizes breakouts, calms.

dhUlltraSonic Facial, Diane's Most Popular Facial - 75 minutes $178

A truly amazing experience. Diane performs all the relaxing benefits of her Classic Facial while using the non-invasive, results-intensive DermaSound wand. Guided by Diane, it works wonders on everything from acne to aging. This three-phases treatment includes…the Peeling Phase to remove dead surface skin cells, deep clean and exfoliate. The Infusion Phase temporarily opens microscopic pathways in the skin for deep penetration of anti-oxidants and serums that correct, stimulate and remedy skin's issues. The Microcurrent Therapy Phase uses a mild, electric current to promote healing, cell regeneration, resiliency and breathe new life into tired, injured, aging skin. Series recommended for acne or aged skin.

Diane Says: Add an acid peel for even more remarkable resurfacing

dhUltraSonic Facial with Acid Peel - $205

The Ultimate Diane Higgins Facial. An aggressive, yet non-irritating treatment for aging, sun-damaged, blemished or skin in need of dramatic change. Everything Diane has to offer is combined into one fabulously results oriented facial. Leaves skin remarkably smooth, firm and deeply clean.

dhChemical Peels - From $168 to $250

Diane uses medical grade Chemical Peels designed, formulated and manufactured by Dr. Peter Pugliese. Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and concerns and begins with either a microdermabrasion resurfacing or an Enzyme Peel before going into the Chemical Peel application. Below are a variety of Chemical Peels to treat specific skin concerns:

Designed to treat mild pigmentation or lightly exfoliate. This peel is exceptional for minimizing pore size while it Lightens and Hydrates the skin in a comfortable manner without excess peeling.

Fantastic for light acne, mildly damaged or oily skin. Combinations of Lactic & Salicylic acids remove the outer layer of the skin with minimal to no peeling.

Dermafrost 12.5% and 25%
Antibacterial Salicylic Acid designed to treat oily and acneic skin. May be used for anti-aging depending on client conditions. Client can expect peeling for 3-5 days after treatment.

An anti-aging peel designed to aggressively treat fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Results achieved are amazing. Client can expect 5-7 days of peeling.

This peel combines the strength of a Jessners with the lightening properties on Mandelic acid to target pigmentation related to sun damage or acne. This is our favorite peel for pigmentation issues! Client can expect 3-5 days of moderate flaking or peeling.

dhAcne Treatment - $160

I am excited to announce that I have formally become an “Acne Specialist” with the renowned “Face Reality” Skincare technique and products. With these professional acne treatments and products your acne will be under control in approximately 6 to 12 weeks. This is accomplished with bi-monthly acne treatments and pharmaceutical grade home care products that are customized for your type of acne. Analysis of your specific acne and monitoring the progression of your clearing are also major factors in the success of the Face Reality professional approach.

Analysis of Skin: 30 Minutes $50.00

Acne Treatment: $160.00

One can expect to spend $150.00 at the initial treatment or consultation for a complete regime of skincare products.

dhDiane's Miraculous Microdermabrasion/Ultrasonic Rejuvenation Treatment

Individual Treatment: $230
For dramatic changes in the skin's texture a series of 6 or more: $200 per treatment total of: $1200

Also known as the Micro Sonic Facial. Totally unique to Diane Higgins, it's the ultimate treatment for rejuvenating all skin types. A powerful meeting of modalities combining crystal or crystal free microdermabrasion for resurfacing, with Ultra Sonic Infusion technology for deep hydration/correction of specific skin problems.

This treatment will:

  • Rejuvenate Damaged Skin
  • Smooth Lines and the Texture of the skin
  • Reduce Age Spots
  • Clear Pores and Reduce Pore Size
  • Improve Acne Scars
  • Greatly Improve the Health of the Skin

The equipment is state of the art, safe and carefully chosen. To begin, Diane's particle free microdermabrasion resurfaces the top layer of skin with out the use of aluminum oxide crystals. Rather Diane uses a diamond wand to gently abrade the skin and smooth lines, scars and the texture of the skin. This technique also helps lighten brown spots and stimulate collagen/elastin synthesis for an even skin tone and firmness. To complete this treatment Diane uses her Ultra Sonic Wand to infuse corrective serums in to the dermal layer. These serums range from anti-oxidant rich potions to lightening serums to super hydrating skin cell plumping lotions. Wow what a miraculous outcome!

For optimal resurfacing/transformative results this treatment is recommended every 10 to 14 days in a series of 6 to 12. Then maintained as an add on to your regular facial.

dhBlushing Beautiful Bride (and Grooms too!) - $105

A quick treatment for overbooked brides to be. Have illuminating skin when walking down the aisle with this instantly transformative facial. An enzyme peel, resurfacing diamond microdermabrasion and an aromatherapy facial massage.