20% off Diane’s 2oz. Blueberry Glow Peel

The New Something Blue

Enjoy 20% off Diane's 2oz. Blueberry Glow Peel

Gift yourself with Diane's 2oz. Blueberry Glow Peel. Shed your winter skin and face the summer with a glow! My super-potent fruit acid peel reduces blackheads and reveals fresh, clean, smooth skin.

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Acne Specialist

I am excited to announce that I have formally become an “Acne Specialist” with the renowned “Face Reality” Skincare technique and products. With these professional acne treatments and products your acne will be under control in approximately 6 to 12 weeks. This is accomplished with bi-monthly acne treatments and pharmaceutical grade home care products that are customized for your type of acne. Analysis of your specific acne and monitoring the progression of your clearing are also major factors in the success of the Face Reality professional approach.

Analysis of Skin: 30 Minutes $50.00

Acne Treatment: $160.00 (analysis fee included)

One can expect to spend $150.00 at the initial treatment or consultation for a complete regime of skincare products.