Celebrating Earth Day at Diane Higgins Skin Care

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At Diane Higgins Skin Care it is our aim to use the least amount of packing without compromising our products and when it comes to skin care, our products are environmentally safe, cruelty-free and made with only the highest quality ingredients.

If possible we encourage you to always use:
organically grown products minimally processed ingredients stripped down packaging

What you will find in Diane Higgins Skin Care Products:
• Natural Fragrances derived from essential oils and herbal extracts
• Healing and Medicinal Plant Extracts
• Natural Fruit Hydroxy Acids and Marine Based Ingredients
• Powerful Anti-Oxidants to protect and fortify the skin
• Organically grown ingredients
• Made In the USA

What you will not find in Diane Higgins Skin Care Products:
• Parabens are never used
• Artificial colors or fragrances are never used
• There are no Sulfates in any of the products
• Harsh Chemicals are never used
• Petroleum products are not found in Diane Higgins Skin Care
• Of course there is never Animal testing on any of these products!