Spring Forward to Glowing Skin

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At this time of year, all skin types experience surface dehydration leading to a lack-luster complexion. Are you suffering with skin that feels tight, dry, even itchy? Do your pores look enlarged and congested? Are you looking for rejuvenation?

With Spring upon us, here are some tips to heal stressed skin and enter the new season with fresh, glowing skin.

• When washing your face, water should be tepid and not too hot.
• Wash with a gentle cleansing milk or cleansing balm, not a foaming cleanser. Your face should feel clean and NOT tight.

• Exfoliation is a MUST! Sweep away dead, lack-luster skin cells and decongest clogged pores with regular exfoliation. I recommend two times a week with a gentle product. Avoid sharp particle exfoliants.
• Fruit acids are great exfoliators. Alpha hydroxy cleansers are also wonderful for exfoliation and for their anti-aging properties.

• After months of cold, windy weather and indoor heating, your skin needs hydration in a big way. I love serums containing super hydrating hyaluronic acid and organic facial oils to plump up skin cells.
• Use your serums/facial oils day and night under a moisturizer.
• Choose your moisturizer according to your skin type. Avoid mineral oil based creams. Organic and natural skin care is preferred.
• Normal to dry skin can benefit from ingredients such as shea butter, peptides, olive and jojoba oils. Hyaluronic and anti-oxidants such as green tea and alpha lipoic acid help with environmental stresses on the skin.
• Even oily skin needs light hydration to keep skin cells healthy and to avoid clogged pores. For oily skin types look for oil-free products.
• For all skin types, choose a moisturizer that feels comforting and absorbs into the skin easily.


• To avoid hyperpigmentation, brown spots, premature aging, not to mention skin cancer, always use sunblock with a 30 SPF or higher. Sunblock isn’t an option and you should be wearing one rain or shine.
• If it is not dark out, ultra-violet rays are present and your skin should be protected.
• Use a broad spectrum sunblock with UVA and UVB protection and I prefer a sunblock that contains zinc and titanium also known as physical sunblocks.
To insure a glowing complexion this is a great time of year for Microdermabrasion Rejuvenating Facials and Ultrasonic Cleansing of the skin. Check out my website for more details on these treatments.

The Honey Pat

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I think you will love this simple at home remedy that will
give your skin a pick me up.
It’s so simple: wash your face with a gentle cleanser, towel dry.
Pour approximately 1 tsp. of honey onto the finger tips (those Honey Bear containers make this simple).
Warm the honey by working between fingertips.
Apply to your clean face (it helps to tie your hair back).
Once it’s on your entire face, just a thin coat will do,
start to tap your face with your fingertips.
Tap, tap, tap it all over.
Concentrate on areas that might have clogged pores.
Continue tapping entire face for a minute or so.
OK, rinse your hands and relax leaving the honey on the face
for 5 to 15 minutes.
Time to rinse: Use warm water to rinse off the honey,
which will dissolve very easily.
Use your toner, then moisturizer with your favorite cream.

You have just completed the Honey Pat.

This treatment will do the following:

Hydrate the skin; honey is a natural humectant

Stimulate skin cell renewal; honey is a natural lactic acid

Stimulate circulation; all that tapping does it

Kill bacteria

Lift dead, dry skin cells

Your skin should have a luminous glow. Go ahead, go out and make your friends jealous of your beautiful skin!!

Take it easy, Diane Higgins.