Find Your Peel!

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Reveal beauty with a peel – you’re personal guide to soft, glowing, fresh skin. To help you along the way, I’d like to explain the main ingredients that compose the most effective peels. Combinations of fruit acids (also known as alpha-hydroxys) and enzymes make for extraordinary at-home peels.


Look for lactic acid in your peel if you have delicate skin – this not only exfoliates but also hydrates skin and helps lighten dark spots. It’s the perfect ingredient for aging, sensitive skin.

Salicylic Acid is best used in peels targeted for oily / combination skin – it deeply exfoliates and breaks up oil deposits; however, it is not for sensitive skin.

Glycolic Acid, one of the first alpha-hydroxy peels available, is an aggressive exfoliant that can be used on all skin types except dry skin as it has a drying effect.


Enzymes have a wonderful digestive action on dead skin cells. They act gently to rid the skin of flaky dry skin. Look for papaya and pineapple enzymes in your peels.

When combined with the fruit acids described above, the enzymes will enhance their various properties.

Below are my FAVORITE peels that I’ve created.

Blueberry Glow Peel: Combination/Oily
Lightens dark spots
Breaks up clogged pores
Leaves skin soft and pink

Papaya & Pumpkin Peel: Dry/Aging
Great for dry skin
Lifts flaky dull cells
Leaves skin cells hydrated and plump

Village Mercantile, Larchmont, NY

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EXCITING NEWS – Diane Higgins Skin Care products are now available at Village Mercantile, located in the Village of Larchmont.

Village Mercantile is the modern embodiment of the general store from a bygone era, sourcing items that are produced by artisans who are dedicated to the meticulous refinement of their craft.

Diane Higgins Skin Care is delighted to be stocked in this delightful, local store.

Go take a visit!


Village Mercantile
28 Chatsworth Avenue
Larchmont, NY 10538

Planting the seeds for healthy skin….

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Planting and expanding my Upstate organic calendula flowerbed in the hope of a massive, beautiful crop of healing, soothing flowers.


I’ve chosen high resin, organic orange calendula flowers, which I use as the base of my Artisanal Cleansing Balm.

If all goes well I hope to develop a soothing antiseptic facial spritz from a calendula based infusion.

DH cleansing balm pots

Stay tuned and Happy Spring!

Celebrating Earth Day at Diane Higgins Skin Care

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At Diane Higgins Skin Care it is our aim to use the least amount of packing without compromising our products and when it comes to skin care, our products are environmentally safe, cruelty-free and made with only the highest quality ingredients.

If possible we encourage you to always use:
organically grown products minimally processed ingredients stripped down packaging

What you will find in Diane Higgins Skin Care Products:
• Natural Fragrances derived from essential oils and herbal extracts
• Healing and Medicinal Plant Extracts
• Natural Fruit Hydroxy Acids and Marine Based Ingredients
• Powerful Anti-Oxidants to protect and fortify the skin
• Organically grown ingredients
• Made In the USA

What you will not find in Diane Higgins Skin Care Products:
• Parabens are never used
• Artificial colors or fragrances are never used
• There are no Sulfates in any of the products
• Harsh Chemicals are never used
• Petroleum products are not found in Diane Higgins Skin Care
• Of course there is never Animal testing on any of these products!